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Rajlimo car services has been serving San José, SFO Airport Limo Service,  and Oakland   for prom, town car service for outing, pick up and drop off airport limo service. It incorporates   all of transportation needs. Renting a car to San José city can be a lot of fun specially riding in luxury vehicle. Passengers do not need to worry about parking, traffic concession and alternative routes to reach the destination. Instead travelers can talk to each other while relaxing in the comfortable sitting arrangement. San Francisco city lovers rent limousines for variety of events as it provides them luxury and quality together to make a high standing in the society.

San Jose Airport Limo Service

Rajlimo is always available to take you to your place with comfort and safety. From the fleet of the vehicles the popular ones are Cadillac Escalade and 3 Passenger executive sedan. The dedicated chauffeurs have been providing quality transportation for leisure and corporate travelling with the highest regard to unforgettable experience. Professionalism consistent-on-time service, safety and cosy riding keeps over esteemed clients coming back. For more information, we can visit our website Limo Service San Jose Airport to know the contact details.


Unforgettable experience in prime limousine cars


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raj limousine

Raj Limousine provides a transportation facility for a individual person that travel from one destination to another. We have offers the perfect luxury service to customers who can enjoy their ride with our best preference. As a limo service provided we offers three special types of services like SFO Aiport limo service, Oakland Airport car service and San Jose Airport Limo Service. In today’s life everyone is busy in our life and we have to perform multiple tasks in a day. But when you have demand to go another city or a destination you can easily contact us. Raj Limousine provides the services in San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Bruno, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Pebble Beach, Milpitas, Monterey and California. Raj limo is known for best SFO airport limo service as per your desire from one city to another city with comfortable seats and other facilities also.

If any occasion, or any other event you will easily contact anytime with Raj limousine for booking the SFO Airport Limo Service. The main aim of our organization to feel special or provides best quality and appropriate satisfaction to our customers. Clients easily choose anyone service then gives us the other details related to the transportation online or offline and then you need to relax.  W are available 24/7 so whenever you need us, you might be easily a call or if you don’t want to call then you can book your ride online. Limos are extremely spacious with the seats being cozy and comfortable to sit. Also, they are completely air conditioned, and give a free access to Wifi. They are various fantastic music systems installed in our limos which provided a superb medium to keep away from your boredom when you are traveling alone.

Special rental to out in style with your beloved


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san jose limo service

special valentine san jose limo service

This current Valentine’s Day, attempt to be somewhat tasteful. Lift her up in a leased limousine and make it a night she will always remember. We have an extensive variety of deluxe vehicles that range from 2 travellers sedans to comfortable SUVs limousines and get selection of roses, or a container of chocolates incorporated into your charges in addition to a complimentary champagne. The lady in your life will love the way that you arranged ahead of time to make Valentine’s an extraordinary night.

Knowing About Hourly Limo Rental Rates


Knowing About Hourly Limo Rental Rates

Limousine rental companies charge between $50 to $300 per hour to customers depending on the models of their cars such as sedan, stretches, SUVs and party buses, which has a minimum of standard 2 to 3 hours per booking, except the standard airport limo service ride which does not include the ride to be of 2 to 3 hours as due to short distance.

When the rates matter, opting a limousine is similar to booking a hotel room you want. The fact that counts are that there includes a wide selection of service quality and level of vehicles to choose from. Their price term varies from one company to another, and research from your side is the only option in finding the suitable rental service that fits a pocket.

Note there are some companies offering an all-inclusive rates to customer, so one needs to beware of items that may appear to the total bill since there are rental services with add-on rates for the fuel surcharges, beverages, travel time, waiting time, tolls, and even highway taxes that are basically non-existent. Clarify it before with the rental company if these are included to the fee or not, also along with the sales tax that comes with the rental. This way there are no shocks when payment needs to be done.

Several limousine rental companies (San Francisco airport limo serviceSan Jose airport limo serviceOakland airport limo serviceSanta Clara limo service) have their renting of its vehicle for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per booking. This is for the maintenance cost which can be very expensive, so renting a limousine for an hour is not cost-worthy. Also getting a one hour limo rental since appears to be impossible as preparation time for the vehicle and the salary of chauffeur is taken into consideration that needs a long ride.

During seasons like proms and weddings, the minimum booking requirements can go up to 8 hours due to high demand of renting vehicles. So if booking is required to be done during busy and high-demand seasons, it is quite difficult to get a limo on rent that offers a minimum 1 to 2 hours per booking, as it all depends on the availability of the vehicles and scheduling of limo rental services.

The rental charges begin from the pickup time and location. But there are some companies that start charging through travel time or portal to portal, according to their policies. So it becomes necessary to inquire from a company about their charging policies, as this guides you in choosing a better limo ride company for making your event successful and remember-able.

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Corporates First Rate Choice is Limousine



Corporates First Rate Choice is Limousine

Craving for maximum comfort and luxury, the corporate mass always opts the best transport vehicle to give a nice ambiance to travel which is through a limousine. Working Corporates have increased their demand for limousines to pickup and drop off clients to and from airports, so a limousine is one of a kind vehicle that is streamlined with modern amenities exhibiting class in interior and makes privacy a contributing factor to their popularity.

Everything that a luxury drive demands comes with a limousine that includes air conditioning, plush interiors, mini-bar and the smart ergonomics. As these vehicles are driven by trained chauffeurs who know much about the roads and shortcuts, it saves quite a time without having to get caught up in traffic.

The limousines seek to offer almost everything to keep up with the corporate fervor that makes sure everything is well connected. Custom limos or cars made as per customers need are equipped with internet, fax, telephone and workstations to meet all working needs while travelling. Other things include is to attend phone calls while also participating in video conferences. So it is not hard to think why corporate players like riding in a limousine is the first rate choice for them.

Corporate travel is mostly related to airport transfer that forms a substantial part of limo service providers like (san jose limo serviceLimo service san joselimo service santa clara). Hence limousine in related to other vehicle type emerges as the best ride transfer for all that is equally known for offering quality travel.

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Things Not to Do after Hiring a Limousine


After the limousine has been booked for your special journey, there are some things to be noted when in the travelling circumstances;

Be on Time

Make sure that you and all your buddies, gals are well ready to get going because lateness makes a tardy effect on the rest of the working day for the chauffeur. Few minutes of arriving late is accepted, what if the chauffeur arrives late then you too would be anxious and angry, just like him. So everyone must organise themselves early to be punctual.

Don’t be Sick in Vehicle

If anybody is feeling unwell inside the car then they must notify their driver immediately about it, as often the driver has sick bags with him for handling such emergencies. Drunk passengers or who have been doing drugs then throw up inside a vehicle which becomes unpleasant for other passengers, and seeing them suffering they also choke and pass out.

No Change of Route on Spot

After a journey been booked with the limo hire company, changing the route on spot would appear a bit difficult for the chauffeur as the company knows about their driver’s whereabouts. If passengers demand sudden change in their mid-journey, the driver may not be allowed to change route without getting authorization from the head office. As also another program set by the limo company may have to be hampered for this required change of route. After being approved of a change in route then amount of hours get changed with rates, so get all the routes confirmed well before travel.

No Additional Passengers

If a limo has been booked by a group then the limo company ensures that correct vehicle is provided to them for safety and comfort when driven. If a customer brings in additional passengers on way or at time, the driver will have to turn the additional passengers away as the vehicle may not be suitable to take additional passengers.

Don’t Tailgate another Limo on Road 

Finally remember that limos are longer vehicles and that the chauffeur is responsible for everyone inside it. Lack of patience from other drivers when it comes to parking or driving carefully is just annoying for other limo drivers who are trying to keep their passengers safe, so if another limousine is on the road do not get too close to it.

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Providing Limo Services as Owned by Customers


Providing Value Based Limo Services

Offering trusted professional limousine services to every nook and corner of California and surrounding communities, Jass Limo service has been in this rental business for quite some time that knows how to make the best of its classy stretchy fleets available in a decent glitterati show to rev up customers special day.

Jass Limo Service aim is not only to be considered as a well known leader in the field of Limo service, but that it wants all people to live up to its expectations of being driven well in their chauffeured services.

Hard work and effort makes Jass earn and keep up their business to be in good running, and is also very confident that customers choose the best when they have an excellent option available to mark their trip as the most remembered one. Best in class for understanding the value of money received from customers, all products and services offered by Jass is well guidelined down, so that customers have an ease in knowing more about the limo policies without any confusion.

Striving for continuous improvement while understanding the dynamic environment, Jass limo service is always dedicated to satisfy customers i.e. by respecting them, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations in terms of affordability, quality and on time delivery.

Jass’s chauffeurs are well versed with offering highest standards of behavior with honesty, safety and fairness in all aspects of the service, so that customers treat them with courtesy too on behalf of the company getting the respect deserved.

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Hiring Limousine for Unexpected Events


Hiring Limousine for Unexpected Events

A limousine is usually booked for known events like proms, weddings, and parties etc. to make that day a special one. But have you ever thought that a limousine can also be used for other unexpected events like the following;

House Warming 

Moving to a new house appears to the most stressful times of a life, where after sorting out all the finances and legalities, next you have to physically remove and pack your personal belongings to get them to the new property. Once those things are transported by the delivery guys and the new house is ready awaiting your full final entry, why not arrive to the house warming with your family in a san jose limo service that makes the best out of this moment. Consider it that after working so hard to get everything ready, you finally sit back, relax, feel the new mood, refreshed and arrive in style at your new home.

Conferencing with Colleagues

Look at this unique and refreshing idea, where a business team is looking for a conference room hire, while meeting in it. Doing in the same old fashion inside a room, why not get a Limo Service San Francisco Airport this time that provides a jovial ambiance with food and drinks available to let the meet go smooth and sleeky. Tackling a new project or discussing with staff about responsibilities, a limousine ride will make your business take a step further to get out of the office environment. Different environment helps the team to refocus on challenges that will help up reap all the benefits you are hunting for.

Meeting Long Lost Friends

It doesn’t always have to be a flashy ride to propose to your lover, rather a friend whom you did not meet for a long time can be surprised with the ride in a beautiful Limo service san jose that would make this meet so enjoyable, remembering about all your past times events you did together, which is worth more than just a consideration. Giving friends the special treatment renews your friendship not just materialistically, but that they would appreciate that how much of a momentous friend you are for them.

Give this complete new experience to your loved ones through a limo service santa clara that rides you to your gorgeous unexpected events, where the best part is just to enjoy yourselves without needing to worry about anything else.

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Chauffeur Dress Code_ Formal or Casual?


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Chauffeur Dress Code_ Formal or Casual?

The highest level of ground transportation shows that the world of fashion is very much involved in this business too. Chauffeurs of this modern world still need to adhere to those standards which have been from the start means that a driver transporting people should attire formally best. The question is that do the whole dress code needs to be changed to casual?

Well in the normal workplace professional dress standards is decreased nowadays, where earlier companies required its employees to wear shirt tie and outside dress blazer five days a week. After growing times, then came the casual Fridays, meaning that no tie, but collared shirt with slacks was to be worn. Next jeans and T-shirts were allowed, after which everything changed to finally casual all week. It is no surprise that traditional wear changed to casual in no time. TNC’s or the Transportation network companies do involved in this transit, with no pressure on standards or regulations.

The chauffeured transportation operators say it works on formal first and casual second. They insist on formal uniform dress, no visible tattoos with regular haircuts of the drivers. The etiquette’s include fine manners and good communication which is something different than other TNCs do not possess. Also the dressing depends on the event the limo is booked for, like if limo ride is for corporate client travel (Limo Service Sfo AirportLimo Service San Francisco AirportLimo service san josesan jose limo servicetown car service san joseairport limo service san joseLimo Service San jose airportsanta clara limolimo service santa clara) then it is obvious that the chauffeur has to appear formal and also is the case with wedding event where formality is necessary. Casual will always look better if family is going out, groups partying, etc. where it is easy to get the allure mixed. Customers too notice and appreciate the dressing as it helps them to communicate well with the driver as to what attire he is present in. Also the customers look up to and aim to match with their needs.

Workplace dressing shows that companies tend to be more productive and better behaved, if proper decorum is maintained which the limousine industry does not want to lose, so be it formal or casual, it always should be done properly.

So a limo company’s tag for chauffeur is to have them dressed and groomed up so that it gives a refined look to just gain an edge over others.

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