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Chauffeur Dress Code_ Formal or Casual?

The highest level of ground transportation shows that the world of fashion is very much involved in this business too. Chauffeurs of this modern world still need to adhere to those standards which have been from the start means that a driver transporting people should attire formally best. The question is that do the whole dress code needs to be changed to casual?

Well in the normal workplace professional dress standards is decreased nowadays, where earlier companies required its employees to wear shirt tie and outside dress blazer five days a week. After growing times, then came the casual Fridays, meaning that no tie, but collared shirt with slacks was to be worn. Next jeans and T-shirts were allowed, after which everything changed to finally casual all week. It is no surprise that traditional wear changed to casual in no time. TNC’s or the Transportation network companies do involved in this transit, with no pressure on standards or regulations.

The chauffeured transportation operators say it works on formal first and casual second. They insist on formal uniform dress, no visible tattoos with regular haircuts of the drivers. The etiquette’s include fine manners and good communication which is something different than other TNCs do not possess. Also the dressing depends on the event the limo is booked for, like if limo ride is for corporate client travel (Limo Service Sfo AirportLimo Service San Francisco AirportLimo service san josesan jose limo servicetown car service san joseairport limo service san joseLimo Service San jose airportsanta clara limolimo service santa clara) then it is obvious that the chauffeur has to appear formal and also is the case with wedding event where formality is necessary. Casual will always look better if family is going out, groups partying, etc. where it is easy to get the allure mixed. Customers too notice and appreciate the dressing as it helps them to communicate well with the driver as to what attire he is present in. Also the customers look up to and aim to match with their needs.

Workplace dressing shows that companies tend to be more productive and better behaved, if proper decorum is maintained which the limousine industry does not want to lose, so be it formal or casual, it always should be done properly.

So a limo company’s tag for chauffeur is to have them dressed and groomed up so that it gives a refined look to just gain an edge over others.

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