After the limousine has been booked for your special journey, there are some things to be noted when in the travelling circumstances;

Be on Time

Make sure that you and all your buddies, gals are well ready to get going because lateness makes a tardy effect on the rest of the working day for the chauffeur. Few minutes of arriving late is accepted, what if the chauffeur arrives late then you too would be anxious and angry, just like him. So everyone must organise themselves early to be punctual.

Don’t be Sick in Vehicle

If anybody is feeling unwell inside the car then they must notify their driver immediately about it, as often the driver has sick bags with him for handling such emergencies. Drunk passengers or who have been doing drugs then throw up inside a vehicle which becomes unpleasant for other passengers, and seeing them suffering they also choke and pass out.

No Change of Route on Spot

After a journey been booked with the limo hire company, changing the route on spot would appear a bit difficult for the chauffeur as the company knows about their driver’s whereabouts. If passengers demand sudden change in their mid-journey, the driver may not be allowed to change route without getting authorization from the head office. As also another program set by the limo company may have to be hampered for this required change of route. After being approved of a change in route then amount of hours get changed with rates, so get all the routes confirmed well before travel.

No Additional Passengers

If a limo has been booked by a group then the limo company ensures that correct vehicle is provided to them for safety and comfort when driven. If a customer brings in additional passengers on way or at time, the driver will have to turn the additional passengers away as the vehicle may not be suitable to take additional passengers.

Don’t Tailgate another Limo on Road 

Finally remember that limos are longer vehicles and that the chauffeur is responsible for everyone inside it. Lack of patience from other drivers when it comes to parking or driving carefully is just annoying for other limo drivers who are trying to keep their passengers safe, so if another limousine is on the road do not get too close to it.

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